Express Yourself – A unique Dance & Creative Writing Camp

Express Yourself – A unique Dance & Creative Writing Camp (Kinder – 5th)

The summer camp teaches the kids Bolly-Funk, Disco – Retro, Fusion dance, Bolly-Bhangra along with storytelling activity. This camp will be a great opportunity to engage your kids in dance activities, our professional instructors will help to unleash their talents and skills.

June 17 – 21 Bolly-Funk – Kids learn dance routines on upbeat Bollywood numbers followed by an in-class presentation at the end of the week
Magical Adventures Await: Step into a world where magic knows no bounds. Create spellbinding tales, conjure mystical creatures, and let your imagination soar as you weave stories of enchantment and wonder.
July 8 – 12 It’s the time to Disco – Retro theme – Kids get to learn a few common disco dance steps which include pivot turns, foot stamps, and shoulder rocks.
Time Travel Tales Unfold: Venture through the corridors of time and explore eras long past or distant futures. Craft captivating narratives that transcend the limits of time, uncovering the mysteries that lie within the ticking of the clock.
July 15 – 19 Fusion dance – East meets West – Kids get to learn dance routines based on Latin moves, Hip hop mixed with Bollywood dancing.
Superhero Stories Take Flight: Become the architect of your own superhero universe! Develop characters with extraordinary powers, design epic adventures, and explore the hero within as you pen tales of bravery, justice, and resilience
July 22 – 26 Bolly-Bhangra – The kids learn the history and basics of Bhangra and its convergence with Bollywood dance moves.
Animal Adventures Come to Life: Embark on heartwarming journeys with our furry, finned, and feathered friends. From the jungles to the depths of the ocean, let your stories unfold with charming animal protagonists, fostering a love for both storytelling and our planet’s diverse inhabitants.